• Exclusive Distributor:
  • Tiger
  • BBurago
  • Toy State
  • Nikko
  • Polistil
  • Engino

“STAR” Company Profile

“Star” was established in 1980 with main field of activity the vertical manufacturing of plastic balls. The company’s presence in the toy industry is marked by the representation and exclusive distribution of major international brands.

Always moving with the times, “Star” is a leader in its field; a title it has gained as a result of its consistent quality, its constant modernization and its reliable professionalism.

Continuous investments in state-of-the-art mechanical equipment give us a competitive advantage and a notable position in foreign markets, while at the same time render “Star” the major Greek export company in its scope of activities. “Star” exports to Europe and the Balkans, and enjoys a reputation for being the company with the best quality ball throughout Europe.

A dynamic presence in major sports events around the world, “Star” was selected by the Organizing Committee of the 2004 Olympic Games to be the official and exclusive licensee for “outdoor games”.

It successfully launched its exclusive sports collection “TIGER”, and putting all its creative experience into practice presented unique athletic designs.

In 2007, our company brought in “BBURAGO”, one of the most important brand names in the die-cast industry globally, and became “BBURAGO”’s exclusive distributor for Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Since 2012, “Star” represents “POLISTIL”, an old-time favorite in the die-cast industry but with a completely new range of products for younger children.

In 2013, “Star”company added “NIKKO” to its portfolio, a world leader in radio-controlled vehicles and has become the exclusive distributor of “NIKKO” products across Greece and Bulgaria.

In 2015, “TOY STATE”, one of the largest toy company in USA is being represented by “Star”, the exclusive distributor of its products in Greece & Bulgaria.

Today, 39 years after its foundation, “Star” remains faithful to its values and ranks the quality of its products at the very top of its priorities.

With a sense of responsibility and respect to children first and foremost, “Star” offers safe products which are utterly aligned with the standards of the European Union.